Safety Features in the New Chevrolet Cruze

The new Chevrolet Cruze has done it again, stuffing more safety features in this compact car than you can imagine.

The Cruze has the Lane Departure Warning feature working to assist when a driver may be too tired or distracted to maintain a driving lane. If the Cruze does cross either driving lane too slowly, the steering wheel begins vibrating to get the driver to take action and get the car back safely in between those lines.

The Chevrolet Cruze also has the Side Blind Zone Alert system monitoring around the car at high speeds on the highway. When a vehicle moves into either blind spot around your car, the side mirrors will flash to identify the side of the car that your vehicle should not be moving until the coast has been cleared.

Take the new Cruze on a test drive when you stop by to see us at Kuhio Chevy Cadillac.



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