Chevrolet Cruz: Technology Meets Reliability

The Chevrolet Cruz is one of the most popular compact cars in the country, and for good reason! This sedan combines practicality with premium technology to further your driving experience and keep you and your passengers safe. The Cruz is designed to streamline your life inside and outside of the car.

The Cruz comes with the myChevrolet Mobile App for your smartphone. From this app, Chevy Cruz owners can check not only unlock and start their cars but can set up parking reminders and pre-load destinations into the cars navigation system.

The Teen Driver Technology on board the Chevrolet Cruz features state of the art systems to keep new drivers safe. Muting the audio until passengers are buckled in and mandatory lane change alert are just a couple of safety options that can be enabled. There is also a report card option allowing you to review the new driver's performance.

These are just some of the features that make the Chevrolet Cruz an excellent compact car for any driver. Test drive the Cruz today and feel the difference.



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