Belt or Hose, Who Knows?

Serpentine belt? Coolant hose? Timing belt? When was the last time you have given any thought to these important engine components? Or were you even aware these are part of your engine in the first place? Well not only are they parts, they are critical to the function of your vehicle, and here at our fantastic service shop at Kuhio Chevy Cadiallac in Lihue, we can help with maintenance and replacement of these belts and hoses.

Coolant hoses help transfer vital coolant around different parts of the engine, and a hole in one of them can result in a complete loss of coolant and an overheated engine. While replacing a coolant hose can be a relatively inexpensive repair, an engine that has been ran too hot can often need replaced and cost thousands of dollars. Do not let an inexpensive part turn into an expensive one. Come on in to our Lihue auto service department today.

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