Power Loss may Indicate Exhaust Leaks

Your exhaust system is unobtrusive and humble, but it nevertheless has an important job to do. In addition to helping your motor get rid of waste gases, this system must support the action of your pistons. As your motor runs, your pistons produce vacuums in their cylinders. These vacuums help to draw gas and air into the chambers, where these substances are subsequently burnt.

When leaks form in certain parts of your exhaust system, they can disrupt this delicate balance. This disruption can then affect the power output level of your cylinders, a situation that you may experience as power loss during hard-acceleration. If your vehicle behaves in this way, you may be looking at a hidden leak.

The good news is, the skilled and experienced exhaust system experts at our Lihue, HI area car repair shop location can use our diagnostic tools to track down pesky exhaust leaks. To have your system looked over, swing by Kuhio Chevy Cadillac today for a no-obligation conversation.

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